• How the Best Time Tracking & Management Software Improves Business Efficiency



    Running a business, often times, is no picnic. Managing employees, deadlines and projects can be time-consuming tasks. Time tracking and management software provides businesses a number of different tools including time tracking, reporting, invoicing, assigning, billing and managing of contacts to name a few. Top Ten Reviews has evaluated the top-rated time tracking and management software that can help eliminate wasted time and boost productivity for any business manager.

    "Even with dedicated, reliable employees, projects can slip through the cracks and deadlines aren't always met," said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of Top Ten Reviews. "Time tracking and management software can lift your business to a whole other level of greatness."

    The Top 3:

    1. Replicon: Earning high scores across the board, Replicon's management suite consists of six applications to track and manage different parts of a company. Replicon offers not only an easy-to-use interface, but also a system that will streamline the tracking and managing processes of a company.

    2. Tenrox Timesheet: From time tracking to reporting, Tenrox Timesheet is a comprehensive management application. It is compatible with accounting programs, including QuickBooks, and it also performs well with payroll programs such as ADP, Ceridian and Paychex. There is a learning curve, but it is small; with practice, anyone can master this software.

    3. BillQuick: BillQuick has exceptional time tracking features and offers a variety of all-around business management functions. BillQuick also boasts mobile app compatibility gives employees the ability to submit expenses and timecards.

    What Makes Top-Notch Time Tracking & Management Software?

    Top-notch time tracking and management software will ease the process of tracking employees' work and time, improving your business functions as a whole. The best time tracking and management software will include not only time tracking abilities, but also reporting and accounting options. The best software performs well in the following five areas.

    Time Tracking: The best time tracking and management software will track including employee hours, projects, jobs and expenses, as well as vacation, sick and holiday time. Some also offer managers the choice between automatically or manually tracking employee time.

    Reporting: Top-of-the-line time tracking and management software produces a number of different reports based on employee information, expenses and projects.

    Other Features: The best time tracking and management software should include additional features, such as the ability to add notes to projects or due dates, assign work items to employees, create invoices and manage client contact information. These features help streamline communication and reporting.

    Ease of Use: The best time tracking and management software should be easy for anyone to use and navigate.

    Help & Support: With any software product, excellent help and support is key. Top-ranking time tracking and management software will include a number of different avenues for customer support, such as email, tutorials, telephone and online chat capabilities.

    Time tracking and management software can assist any business. Having a simple way to track, report, assign and create projects and other tasks can save time, money and help improve a business's efficiency.

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